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Billcap Case study

Billcap operate a software platform to support key business functions of retailers in the Australian energy market. Their software products enable innovation and differentiation through their modularity, flexibility and affordability.

I worked with Billcap in 2014, and in 2017 was hired as Lead UX and UI Designer and Developer. I owned several key projects over a 12 month period.


While having demonstrated the efficacy of their products, and gathering attention in one of the most competitive energy markets in the world, Billcap were relying on a thin brand and ad-hoc communication strategy. In order to acquire customers and be treated seriously they needed to differentiate themselves from powerful incumbents.

While confident about their proven products, there was also uncertainty about how to draw value from other parts of the platform, and how to pitch them to potential customers.

A wiki page showing brand-related content
The mighty brand project


I conducted a series of interviews with various decision-makers in the energy industry to gather deeper qualitive data. My research validated a foundational Billcap belief: there is frustration in the industry around existing software providers — they are almost prohibitively expensive, change-resistant, somewhat old-fashioned, and barely receptive to input from their customers.

Card-sort exercises revealed how customers ranked the features and benefits of the Billap platform. The data I gathered informed not just brand and messaging, but also product development.

The Billcap logo


To position itself as the antithesis of the competition I proposed Billcap highlight and provide evidence of its modern work practices: modular architecture, open working relationships with customers, automation, and a data-driven approach.

I used this understanding to create a framework, to confidently start developing the Billcap brand. First I explicitly transposed customer concerns into benefits. Then, in consultation with the team I began creating key brand components from positioning statements, through brand character, to the tagline ‘Utility Innovation Now’ as the summation of brand intent.

Developing the company website


Armed with a conceptual framework I began producing brand assets. I designed the logo and product icons, defined colours palettes, and selected fonts to develop a practical and flexible brand kit.

With an extremly tight timeframe I then set about developing wireframes, content, and visual design for the company website , before getting on the tools to build it out.

A technical drawing of a tradeshow booth
Tradeshow booth


Over the next 6 months I progressively rolled out the brand design to various pieces of collateral including UIs, brochures, apparel, and a tradeshow booth.

UI components

UI component library

Serve is Billcap's billing and customer management application. I developed a UI component library to drive the UI development of the app and subsequent UIs. The design aims for a clarity, simplicity, and personality not often found in enterprise applications. This project is currently on hold.

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