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Skills Design & Development

Here’s a skills profile. So relative, so subjective, so un‑scientific.

Tables. Dull, but useful! Here’s a big one breaking down my capabilities.

Skill Comment
Design Thinking I’m an avid practitioner of Design Thinking and Human-centered Design.
UX Design Designing user flows, CX, user journey mapping, analysis.
Wireframing Information architecture design and user flows in whatever tool makes sense.
UI Design Component-driven design, interaction modelling, assets, widgets, and gizmos.
Design systems Style guides, UI kits, and component libraries.
Prototyping Low-fidelity static prototypes, InVision, interactive HTML+CSS.
Tooling High-level skills in Sketch, Photoshop, Illustrator, and Indesign.
Typography I worked at Letterbox under master Typographer Stephen Banham.
Research User interviews, UX testing, data collection and collation.
Facilitation Co-creation workshops, scope definition and requirements gathering sessions, post-mortems and retros.
Documentation Research docs, spec docs, API design docs, and everything in between.
Agile Card-carrying member of the Agile Cult.
Information Architecture Content auditing, wireframing, and content hierarchy design.
Content Design Content development, writing and editing, asset co-ordination, text messages to my wife.
Place-holding This joke intentionally left blank.
Languages JavaScript, javascript, and js. Also TypeScript, CoffeeScript, Ruby, and PHP.
HTML Semantic, accessible, and standards compliant (SEO, HTML5, etc). I prefer Pug, SugarML, Markdown etc.
CSS Modern, or bleeding edge, with sensible fallbacks for Microsoft Internet Excruciator.
Command line I can do it all with a little `-h`.
Version control Git. Nothing else.
Code Editors I prefer Atom, but use Sublime too.
Frontend frameworks Vue, React, and will do others.
Node Big fan. Happiest when I’m using Webpack and build tools.
Backend Development Quite a lot of exposure to Rails, but others not so much (apart from Node). Basic server config is fine too.
WordPress Yeah, I can do that, but don’t ask me to like it.
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