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Drawing of whiteboard, web browser, and app windows
I drew this picture of stuff I do

I’ve always been driven to break down the divide between technology and people, and I get satisfaction from making things that are genuinely valuable to people — whether UI, product, or artwork.

I consider myself a Digital Maker — someone who crafts digital products. I'm a generalist with skills across the entire discipline of digital design, and a specialist in Information Design, UI Design, and UI Development.

Being a Jack-of-all-trades made me a Master of this one!

Recently I’ve supported startups and small enterprise in their design capabilities, usually providing a range of functions. I hesitate to call it holistic design, but that's what it is. My work often crosses many disciplines like Brand Design, Product Design, UX research, UX Design, Visual Design, Information Architecture, Marketing & Communication Design and Content Design.


Essentially I find problems, and fix them, and find opportunities, and maximise their value with design. I do this with user-centered design and design thinking . To achieve feasible and practical solutions (and buy-in) I’ll frequently co-create with domain experts, stakeholders and my team.

Recently I’ve been working closely with small cross-functional software teams alongside product management, data science, and software development, though I’ve sucessfully fit into various team structures. I see my role there as the advocate for the user or customer. I’ll work with Product Managers (or owners) to identify opportunities and help prioritise work, and software teams to develop requirements.

Make it special, and be smart about it


Unusually for a designer I have fairly deep front-end development knowledge, and I consider this as vital a craft as visual design, and they inform each other.

Please take a few minutes to read my case studies, and contact me if you’d like to talk about about something I didn’t cover here, or if you’d like to meet up (though beware, I don’t drink coffee).

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